Revenge of the Electric Car Premiere Photos

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E-Bike Legislation is Coming, Finally!

Rep. Ravenstahl introduced #HB2216

Rep. Grove is introducing legislation soon!

Both bills would make PA vehicle law consider electric bicycles to be bicycles or pedalcycles, not mopeds as the law reads now. (Mopeds must be plated, insured, and registered which is impossible for electric bicycles with no Title/VIN or ability to be insured) Grove's proposed legislation is a bit stricter allowing for a maximum weight of 100 lbs, but both basically agree that anything with functional pedals and an electric motor that is under 1hp (750watts) and goes under 20mph is a bicycle. We favor Ravenstahl’s bill because there are no weight restrictions (Several of our E-bikes weigh over 100 lbs) and since he is local to us here in Pittsburgh. HB2216 already has support and co-sponsors from several other house members including Rep. Matt Smith. Please call one of your local representatives today and urge them to support electric bicycle legislation!

  • Electric Bicycles get ~2000 MPG equivalent (@$4 per Gallon)
  • Solar charging your ride is really cheap and easy
  • They are almost silent and produce zero emissions
  • Healthy way to commute!
  • Exteremly Inexpensive way to commute
  • Pizza Delivery!?
  • They always turn heads and start up conversations
  • We’ve never had someone not SMILE on their first ride

Revenge of the Electric Car Premiere is Coming, Finally!

Sick of high gas prices? Disgusted that USA spends ~$1million per minute to foreign countries for oil and even more to protect the continuous flow? Unaware of how bad ass fast and torqued out EVs are? Did you know E-bikes get ~2000 MPG equivalent? And don't get me started on Solar Charging...

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World Of Wheels

What a great show! Check out the pictures!

Pop City

Great Paper, Great Article!

PV plus EV

Although Drilling is always the number one story, still so proud of George for being the first Volt/Solar owner in Southwestern PA, and getting the cover of Pittsburgh Business Times

World's Fastest Solar Installer

Now that was a grueling competition! Thank you ENPHASE. Check out the Enphase and ASR reviews of SPI2011

Adam Solar Rides

We're going to use that name someday...

George bought a Volt

Doc bought a Tesla

Mark bought a Prius

Adam bought some old Hondas

Jamie saved the day again

Solar Booth Parties

Always a great time.

Solar Surfer

Great Ad.

Solyndra IS NOT Solar

at least not 99.99% of what SOLAR is.

Such a terrible unneccesary black eye for our industry. Alas, ONWARD SOLAR FRIENDS!

Washington County Magazine

This one made the grandparents proud. Click Here for full Story

Solar Boat


The Papers

A well deserved cover shot for the Mavrich's. (Solar Brunch Sponsors)

Solar Brunch

Dad's been calling out for awhile that Solar Customers are the BEST customers. One more event to solidfy that statement here. Thank you for the AMAZING Solar Brunch! We had a great turn out of over 20 people!

Advertising 101

Distributed in Peters Township and Upper St. Clair Magazines. Full Class!

What's Twizzler?

It's called #TWITTER, and we'll do our best to keep you updated here. The Pittsburgh Business Times even asked me about it... Now look what's trending---->

Nissan Leaf Test Drive

We almost won? If you're in Pittsburgh there is a good chance you saw our video attempt to win the car. That little bugger actually ripped, very impressive!

Common Sense

This is what they advertise on the front page of the local newspaper in Pittsburgh. Wait til I get my Solar Money to buy billboards and the papers the papers. And as for "The Power of Now" , that's Eckhart Tolle Bro. I AM SOLAR.

The Solar Funnies


Solar Rock Stars

Cooper Rocking out. Check out Mad Planet. Great Tunes and Great People

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