Solar School

ASR's future vision includes teaching solar. Education is one of the biggest hurdles we face in the solar movement. There are many solar installers that will need trained and educated in the near future. The general public also needs educated on their options and the benefits solar can provide for them. ASR currently offers small informal class sessions, covering the basics of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems. We welcome any school, university, or training center who would like to pursue a relationship for teaching solar with us. Our goal is to show students hands on how systems are designed, installed, operated, and monitored. *UPDATE: We held our first class in March 2011

Our Journey

ASR owners Tony Rossi and Adam Rossi (Father and Son), have traveled to learn from this country’s top industry professionals. From the Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, to manufacturer training in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida, the two have amassed crucial amounts of knowledge from solar instructors, installers, and dealers. Here in Pittsburgh, the two attended a 3 day solar hot water seminar from the highly respected Solar Energy International taught by solar expert Chuck Marken. They were also in attendance of the First Northeastern Solar Cities Conference held in Pittsburgh.






Recommended Reading:

• Solar Hot Water Systems, Lessons Learned 1977-Today, Tom Lane
• Solar Water Heating, Bob Ramlow
• Solar Thermal Systems, Dr. Felix A. Peuser, Karl-Heinz Remmers, Martin Schnauss